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About the comic:

"Synthetic Life" has been my first webcomic that I originally put online while I was in college, but ended up abandoning after losing overall interest in it. The original idea for the characters dates back from my high school days when I first drew the characters. Pretty sure I got a bit inspired by Osamu Tezuka's "Metropolis" and I've always had a fascination for A.I. and humanoid robots in general.

10 years later, after running another different comic for a while (Her Majesty no more) which I also abandoned for personal reasons, I decided to give "Synthetic Life" another try. I missed this comic and I missed my characters.

This is a reboot of the original story and it's going to be entirely different. I want to make my main characters better fleshed out, more likeable and with developing personalities. There will be some new supporting characters and some from the original story will not come back.

The new story:

The story takes place in the 2050's Unites States when a secret organization sells off unique A.I.s to different people upon license approval and in exchange for a lot of money. With this, the different technicians will receive a kit in order to customize and build very human-like androids which will then infiltrate every aspect of human life, unnoticed. Only certain circles know for sure about their existence: the organization itself and the technicians involved... and a few namely others who oppose it!

The story will revolve around an android girl named Michelle who seeks her own place in the world.

Media used:

Mixed media. I sketch and ink by hand, then scan, color and write in Photoshop.

About the author:

My name is Eve and I'm 38 years old.

I'm a freelancer working in the photography field, decorating portraits and designing greeting cards. I went to an art college and studied graphics. Comics have been my hobby since elementary school when I started reading them. It all went down from when I started drawing my own in 6th grade.

If you want to make a review, my policy is contact me first! I'd like to see your stuff before I accept having my comic reviewed/critiqued.


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